Bioidentical Hormone Therapy helps millions of people take charge of their health. Relief from menopausal symptoms is just the beginning...

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Menopause Relief

Most women are aware of the classic symptoms of menopause: embarrassing flushes, night sweats that wake you up at night, sleep deprivation and vaginal dryness. But lack of estrogen can produce many additional symptoms too. Skin dryness, wrinkles, hair loss, urinary frequency, depression, lack of sexual interest and memory loss are just to mention a few. Browse this website to learn what you can do to improve your quality of life.

Long Term Health

Did you know natural hormone replacement can lower your risk for heart disease as much as 50%? And that the risk of colon cancer can be reduced by over 30%? Studies have shown natural hormones can reduce the possibility of Alzheimer's disease and macular degeneration. Learn how a comprehensive therapeutic hormone replacement program will not only improve your quality of life but prolong it as well.

Let’s Not Forget The Skin!

Natural hormone replacement therapy can positively impact aging skin but cannot fully correct fine wrinkles and dark spots. Cosmetic surgical intervention and injection of fil...


Sagging Skin?
 If you have sagging skin, fine lines, hard skin, overall uneven toned skin color or dry skin in need of a deep moisturizing, then the D-More Perfect Collagen Serum treatment is for you.


What is the D-More Organic Collagen Serum Treatment?

Best results have been realized with an initial program consisting of a weekly treatment for one month and following up with two treatments in the following mont...


D-More Vitamin C Intensive Whitening Cream

The Vitamin C Intensive Whitening Cream® was designed to gently even the skin tone by the usage of BVOSC, Nona Peptide-1 and Shitake Mushroom Extract, while utilizing the carefu...