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Oxytocin & Engorgment Creams

Oxytocin is a peptide, that is, a very short protein which comes from the pituitary gland in the brain. It has a major role enhancing uterine contractions during childbirth and initiates milk letdown at the time a mother nurses her infant. Oxytocin is produced by stimulation of the nipples, usually by nursing, but also during lovemaking. In this case it produces a warm sensation of closeness and intimacy, enhances contact with your partner and in many cases positively impacts the quality, duration and intensity of orgasm. Oxytocin is most effective when given as an injection 30-60 minutes prior to intercourse but for the most part this is simply not practical. It can be administered as a nasal spray or lozenge placed under the tongue before sexual activity. There is virtually no downside effect. Like many of the bioidentical hormones, it is natural and must be formulated by a knowledgeable compounding pharmacist.

Watch this very informative Oxytocin Webinar that provides expansive detail about Oxtoicin and the importance of hormone balance.

Sometimes all that is needed for a heightened sexual experience is application of an engorgement cream to the labia or clitoris shortly before sexual activity begins. Many commercial companies are promoting the use of ‘warming gels’ which have varying degrees of effectiveness. However, compounded products have the advantage of using many proven medications in varying dosages to give you the best individualized sexual experience. Your prescription can even be modified to meet your personal needs. These creams are vasoactive, which means they dilate the blood vessels to the area they are applied. They increase engorgement of the labia and clitoris, allowing for greater stimulation and sensation. Oftentimes a combination of oxytocin and these engorgement creams will suffice for those women who are reluctant to use testosterone or DHEA therapy.

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